Multifunctional Dog Leash in Colorful Waterproof Coated Webbing

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This dog leash is realized with Waterproof webbing coated with PVC/TPU material. It is a multifunctional leash that, thanks to the sliders and loops, can be used in many ways, as a handsfree over the shoulder leash, a handsfree waist leash, a handsfree with traffic handle, a classic handle leash, or a lot of other functions you can discover yourself. It can be adjusted from 5ft (150cm) to 10ft (300cm) and it is 3/4" wide. It is available in Black, Yellow, Purple, Sky Blue or Green.

- Handmade Item;
- Made in Italy;
- Waterproof Coated Webbing;
- Hardware: solid brass, silver plated (nickel-free) solid brass, plated heavy duty welded metals;
- Processing: rivet processing
- Breeds: ideal for all breeds;
-  If you have any custom request feel free to contact us through Whatsapp or Messenger just by clicking the buttons below, we will be happy to help you choosing or creating your unique item.