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Leather Cat Harness - YupCollars
Cats! No, not the musical…
YupCollars now makes luxurious collars, harnesses and leashes for your feline friends too! Mr. Sassy Pants Mc-Fluffy Bottom totally needs some high-end, Italian leather accessories, whether it be for a safe and casual stroll in the yard with a beautiful custom harness or a delicate collar for identification and style, we got your kitty covered!
Leather Cat Harness - YupCollars
Hairless cats will love us too, with our soft, premium sheepskin or silky-smooth padded leather. We guarantee kitty will be comfy no matter the size, shape or amount of fluff! We all know cats pride themselves on their appearance and sassy attitudes, so add a little bling to their wardrobe with our shimmering rhinestones or radical studs. You can even personalise a name tag to fix to the leather in case of a sneaky escape, although, deep down we know they just want to show off their sweet new style to their local friends.
yupcollars stickers
Now you can also show off too! New in every order we will include a 2” sticker to share with friends your love of Yup! Smooth to touch and even scratch proof! (I’m looking at you, felines) These stickers are perfect for your phone case, laptop, forehead, wherever you want to stick ‘em! Join us and become a member of our premium newsletter, featuring exclusive sneak peaks and great deals!
We look forward to creating your snazzy new custom order so hurry and give us a shout!


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