Searching for the best Collars, Leashes and Harnesses for your Furry Friend?

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Then you are in the right place!

We want you to be the judge of the quality of our products, and so many of you already are, but first we want to tell you about the care and love that we put in each of our creations.

Let's start from our raw material selection:

All of the different kinds of leather we use are bought from italian based tanners. 

yupcollars leather

The quality of this is of the utmost importannce since it's always in contact with the dog's skin, fur and with the handler. For this reason we use only full grain vegetable tanned leather, that is the most natural of leathers, as well as softer padding leather for some of the models needed to give them extra comfort.

Another fundamental part of our items is the hardware.

yupcollars hardware

We use only solid brass as well as anallergic plated welded metals so not to damage the dog's health in anyway, but at the same time have products that last a lifetime.


Last, but not least, the techniques and knowledge used to create such products.

yupcollars leather tools

Everything starts from a design idea that then gets tested thoroughly by us and then by vets and ortho vets to approve it doesn't harm or restrict the dog in anyway. After all this, the knowledge and craftsmenship come into play to create the perfect product for your best friend!


We will never tire of seeing happy faces...

yupcollars satisfied happy dog customer

... so make your dog a #YupPup and become part of the #YupFamily yourself!


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