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Spooky Stories by You

By Margot:

My dog was growling at the corner with no windows. Growl, rumble growl growl. At night, of course. In the dark corner of the den. I’m home alone, and terrified. The other side of the wall is the entry hall. Is someone in the house? My girl inched forward on the floor, growling and poising to pounce a full on attack. I work up the nerve to open the door to the hallway, to make sure I’m really alone. She gets ready to jump, but not at the door. She jumps to the corner of the room, still growling at… …a mirror propped against the wall under the console table. She saw her spooky self and didn’t like it. I didn’t realize it was her first time seeing a mirror!


By Sarah:

Okay, so. Backstory. After my mother died I lived in her house for a year with my boyfriend and two roomates. The way the house is set up is the roomates were on one side in a converted garage room, and the other bedrooms were down a narrow hallway. Master on the left, two others on the right with a bathroom. Now, no one slept in the master but the door was always open. The hallway was always kinda creepy when the door was open, but with it closed it just made it narrower and worse.

So! The doors open and it's like. 10pm. The master looks like a pitch black hole at night. Wonderful yeh? I'm walking out of the office at the end of the hall and I see Gibbs, my big old boxer, standing. And staring. Into the master bedroom. Thats...  odd? There's no one in there and it's dark. He's really focused on something, so in true white girl style, I creep over and look with him. Nothing. Empty room. Alright, kinda spooked now cuz hes not responding to my cues to come, he just keeps running over and staring with his hackles and tail up. 
I decide to be "logical" and back it up into the office I was just in to summon my boyfriend. Hes skeptical when I say "hey I think theres somethin freaky in the master bedroom, gibbs wont stop staring..." but obliges my scaredy and comes to check it out. Right as we get to the door, we hear a dull thud. Gibbs perks up even more. Room still empty but dog wont go inside. More thudding, louder. Rattle, rattle! Crash! The hell?
From inside the room we hear some swearing. My bf and I are both kinda standing there with the dog in between us, when out of the room comes, travis! The roomate! It's so sudden we all jump and scream at eachother. Turns out, travis wanted to use the wireless printer behind the door, but it wasnt working. In his attempt to wrangle the cords, he dropped one and then couldnt reach it leaning over the printer in the dark. Why was he in the dark? Not really honestly sure! Scared the bejesus out of everyone involved though. 
And that's how my boyfriend and I proved we truly are white people in a horror movie. 


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