Yup We Are Super Spooky

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'Tis the season to be spooky, mwa HA HA ha haaa, HA HA ha haaaaa!!!

I know you totally just sang that in your head... 😉

Anyway, all October blogs will be exactly that, spooky! This Friday we will be releasing  the first chapter of a four-part scary story! Follow Mathew the security guard and his diabetic alert dog, Maverick on a terrifying night in a cursed cemetery! Will they make it out alive? Or will the duo be trapped forever...

Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to read each chapter! Make sure to comment your thoughts and opinions or email the author (jclark@yupcollars.shop) your own spooky experiences with your pets. We will be featuring them in a special blog, just for you! We look forward to reading them with a warm mug of apple cider and a big slice of brai--- I mean, pumpkin pie.


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