Single Piece Galaxy Y Front Leather Guide Dog Harness with Fixed Semi Rigid Handle

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On this model it's not possible to change the fixed handle in an adjustable one!

This service guide dog harness is realized with prime vegetable tanned leather and it is fully customizable. In this model the leather, combined with sheepskin, acquire thickness, but not weight, making the harness really comfortable for the dog and for his working movements. This Y-front harness model, has rooms for guide handles and for upright handles, composed by bunny ears positioned on the girth strap, D-rings on the diagonal straps top and D-rings on both sides of the girth strap. It also has a fixed semirigid handle for grounding and support and a set of D-rings on its back for attaching vests or pull strap for momentum pulling. It is fully adjustable both on front chest, on girth and on diagonal straps for a perfect fit on every dog conformation. This harness with a classic design, is composed by two layers of leather stitched with waxed thread that gives it extra strength; the outer layer in vegetable tanned leather, while the inner one in real sheepskin that makes it very comfortable for the dog.

- Handmade Item;
- Made in Italy;
- 100% genuine vegetable tanned leather;
- 100% real sheepskin;
- Hardware: solid brass, silver plated (nickel-free) solid brass, plated heavy duty welded metals;
- Processing: sewing and rivet processing
- Breeds: ideal for medium and large breeds;
- If you have any custom request feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you choosing or creating your unique item.