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In this section you will find back-clip harnesses, front-clip harnesses and dual-clip harnesses.
Back-clip harnesses are the most common, the dog’s leash clips to a ring located on the back of the harness, it is great for all sizes and breeds, it decreases pressure on the dog's trachea and it is very easy to wear.

Front-clip harnesses puts you in control during walks. The leash is clipped to a ring on the front of the dog’s harness, at his chest. With this harness you have more control on the dog and you will discourage from pulling and tugging.

Dual-clip harnesses are a mix of the front-clip and the dual clip cause they have both a front and a back leash attachments, so you can use them combined or alternate them.

You can fully customize your special one or choose between our vast collections.
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