Imagine… you just found yourself a beautiful new accessory that suits your every need, speaks volumes about how you represent yourself and is exceedingly comfortable to wear. Others will pause for a second look, turning heads wherever you go, the item you just found is gorgeous! You’ve now become a hit trend setter within the crowd! Why not have that same experience for your pup?


Where did you get that?!” they will say, obviously envious of your incredible fashion choices…

Our animal friends deserve the same comfort, style and functionality with our patented products. Be the envy of the pack with Yupcollars and revel in the vibrant, smooth, resilience of the hand-crafted leather designs we pride ourselves on. Standard store-bought pet gear is easy to obtain and can be expensive despite the less than ideal materials. They just don't compare to something that was designed and custom created specifically to your every desire. We love our animals, so why not show it?

Each Yupcollars product is designed with safety as our top priority. Every piece has been thoroughly tested and certified by numerous orthopedic veterinarians. Even they use and recommend Yupcollars! Why? Well, we only select the finest Italian veg tanned, full grain leathers to create your custom collars, leashes, harnesses and so much more.

The craftsmen and women of Yupcollars strive for perfection every time. Our manufacturing team is made up of some phenomenal people! Eric, Giada, Fabri and Madda each have unique abilities that make every item one of a kind!

Eric: One of our founding fathers has taught his team everything he knows and passes down valuable skills and knowledge. Still creating beautiful pieces for his beloved customers to enjoy for a lifetime.

Giada: Silly and vibrant, she brings love and laughter to her fellow craftsmen and always stuns us with her gorgeous creations!

Fabri: Always up for a challenge and making amazing pieces for all to enjoy.

Madda: Quick thinking and talented she always has fantastic ideas to apply to the hand dyed pieces you know and love.


Not satisfied? No problem! Customer service is important to us, your happiness with our products is what makes us great! Contact our valued team members Robyn, Jennifer or Pietro and we will gladly speak with you directly to assist with any questions you may have.


Robyn: Beauty AND brains, she manages Etsy convos, order organization, shipments and more! Always happy and pleasant, Robyn is an absolute joy to work with when customizing your orders.

Jennifer: Our social media extraordinaire, blog writer, creative influence and happy-go-lucky customer service rep is always speedy and ready to please. She is the only team member who isn’t available at the shop as she works from home all the way in Canada!

Pietro: The second founding father of the company and the head of web development and customer satisfaction. He is extremely passionate about his beloved business but believes in kindness before profit and often finds himself helping those in dire need.


We are Yupcollars!


The proof is in the pudding for customer satisfaction. With many outstanding reviews and comments, just look!

Chelsea says: “I absolutely love my Yupcollars harness. It is my favorite piece of gear in my vast collection. My service dog looks amazing in it and it’s very comfortable for her. The quality is phenomenal, and the shipping time is very fast. Great customer service as well. Highly recommend!

We guarantee our products will handle any canine’s curiosity and play while still looking fresh off the catwalk! ... wait, cats!? Yupcollars, we have feline friends who also love our products and we're confident you will to!

From sport and working dogs to the prim and pampered couch guardians, we promise to deliver a product everyone will love. So, what are you waiting for? Treat your furry (or hairless, we don't judge) friend to Yupcollars today and get ready for a new world of vogue, excellence and performance.

Thank you for considering Yupcollars, we hope to create your stunning new order soon!